Identify the solonoid on the motherboard? Prevent malfunction?

We bought and installed a LockMaster Swing Gate Opener Double Auto Solar Electric 3x Remote Control 1000KG from Ebay.

After it rained heavily we had to order a new motherboard. We installed this and it worked again but only for a few days when it rained again and it stopped working again.
We had sealed up the only wire join with waterproof silicone. There was no moisture in the control box. 
We assume there's a solonoid on the motherboard that this has stopped working due to moisture getting into the swing arm itself ( we can see nowhere else it could get in)

Can anyone identify which is the solonoid (if that's the faulty part) and any other ideas about how to deal with it? See two photos below. Please note the digital display is still working. 
motherboard.jpgcontrol box_0.jpg

getting exact partnumber from the above image is not possible. But this type of solenoid is a electromagnet type solenoid that holds specific weight. You can chack this thing from different vendors with the kilogram rating along with the solenoid operating voltage.

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