How to Test a 16*2 LCD?

Submitted by RaghuRaj on Fri, 08/31/2018 - 17:13

Hi guys,

i am interfacing my 16*2 LCD with Arduino but the LCD is not working, i am sure that the connections and code are correct.

I also tried with another Arduino UNO but still it is not working.

So can anyone tell me how to test that the LCD is working properly or not.  

Be it Arduino or any other Microcontroller the testing and debugging method is the same.

These methods are discussed based in personnel experience. 

Check you connections: Most of the the problem will be your connections. Since we use a pre-tested library for our LCD displays there are very less chance for your code to be wrong. Instead concentrate on your connections make sure you have connected to the correct digital pins of the MCU.

Power up display: After making the connection when you power on the LCD, even if there is no code on the MCU you LCD should display boxes as shown below



Check your contrast pin: Another trouble maker is your contrast pin (3rd pin). Make sure this pin is connected to a potentiometer and vary the pot till you something on the screen. Because sometimes your LCD might be working just fine but your contrast level might be too low or high for you to visualize it.

Have a handy replacement: Sometimes the crude way is the best way. If you are still struggling to get it work. Try replacing it with a new LCD if the new also ones also does not work then the problem is with your code or connections. LCD displays can be easily damaged by normal reverse polarity or over voltage so having a replacement just in case is a good idea 


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Tuesday at 07:57 AM

Nice explanation @Hiro_Hamada

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Wednesday at 09:28 PM

Hi Hiro_Hamada..

I am also struggling to get my LCD display to work, that is when I stumbled upon your answer. 

But I have a Green color LCD display unlike the blue one shown in your answer. What is the testing procedure for this one? I am not getting that black boxes 


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Wednesday at 11:49 AM

Both the Green Color and Blue Color 16*2 LCD are almost the same expect for the backlight color. So the testing procedure for both the LCD is same.

If you are not getting any black boxes then most likely your LCD is not powered properly check your power source and also your connections.

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Tuesday at 07:57 AM