How much current can Breadboard handle?

Submitted by Priyanka on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:39

I have done various projects on breadboard like 12v relay circuit, LDR circuit and regulated power supply circuits. 

But now I am building a circuit which may consume approx 10A current, is it safe to build this on breadboard?

I know it should be done on perf board but my soldering skills is not that good, should I try with breadboard or it will burn?

Thanks in advance..

You should not provide current more than 1A through breadboard and 10A is surely risky. It shall damage your breadboard.

Perf board is the best option. I also wonder you have built power supply circuits on breadboard, its not safe.

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Thursday at 12:47 PM

A Maddy said, you should not use a Breadboard for 10A it will surely melt and burn

A typical common breadboard is rated for 1A at 5V, however if you increase the voltage rating the current rating further goes down. For example at 12V you should not pass more than 500mA into breadboard.

Speaking out of the books I have pushed the nearly 1.5A at 5V with breadboards at everything was good except the board getting hot. So its better not to try anything more than 1A.

Using the Perf Board is the best option for you

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM