How to move and control a stepper motor?

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Absolute electronics newbie here. Also this is my first time on forums so please excuse for any mistakes me in advance.

I am not from engineering background, but I am working on a small project for my rooster house. So far I have learnt how to use a 9V battery to power a small DC motor. But I need a motor that can make small turns instead of complete 360*. After some surfing I found that stepper motors will be suitable for my task and so I purchased one on E-bay from here…

Now I do not know how to make this motor rotate. It has 5 wires and I do not know which two wires should be connected to 9V battery. I am trying to build a circuit that can move this stepper motor one turn for every 15 minutes. Please help me.


You can use DC motor itself for your application. 
You can turn it On for particular time duration until it rotates to desired angle, and then turn it off. This can be repeatedly done either using some microcontroller which requires programming or you can use 555 Timer IC.
One problem you may face is that it rotates too fast, so you can slow it down by reducing the supply voltage using LM317 or you can use geared DC motor.
Another but little bit complex method to slow down DC motor is to use PWM technique.

Also consider Servo motor if you dont require complete 360 degree rotation, it is much easier to operate than Stepper Motor. You can find tons of tutorial to rotate servo motors.

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Thank you for your answers.

As I said, I am not from engineering background and hence cannot work much with electronics. After reading the answer I understand it is not going to be possible to turn my stepper with just a battery directly. So I am planing to use a DC motor itself as suggested by Abhshek.

Now, where can I purchase the 555 timer IC and LM317 IC. What should I ask for while buying it? I am planning to check my local hardware store tomorrow and will update you guys on the same.  Also which circuit should I follow? I have a fairly simple knowledge on breadboard so I will try the circuit over a breadboard first.

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