How Add an Audio Input [Mono] to an Organ?

Hello ... Wasn't sure which specific forum area to put this question in so hopefully a moderator moves if necessary.

I have a 1998 Technics SX-EA1 organ which is great however they didn't include an Audio In port, just out only [1/4"].  A shame considering it has a decent sound system at 40w.

Would be awesome to add an Aux input port to leverage its sound system especially to blend sounds via MIDI sounds coming from my computer. 

Probably stating the obvious but would prefer 3.5 mm vs 1/4".

Also, I've looked high and low for the schematics on this model - haven't found them yet.

Is this possible within reasonable costs?  I see folks doing a 'similar' hack to car stereos but this is not a car stereo.

Thoughts... Please and thank you!


Sorry ..."How to" - I sometimes have terrible grammar.

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To do so you need to find the Piano amplifier and could produce the output. It is not a good idea. The sound is great as it is a high frequency instrument and works with the high to a limited Low (Doubling the bass on the lower octave of middle C note). Providing a semi amplified or preamp tonality in that particular amplifier may not produce the sound you are expecting.


Still if you want to connect it, Provide image of the circuit board irrespective of the note clefs, maybe the input can be found easily.

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