help with diy rf wireless alarm project

Submitted by Chris p on Mon, 08/03/2020 - 05:37

hi I'm new to this but would like to trigger an output that lights a led currently to then trigger a wireless signal and an alarm of some type, max 20m away
I would love to use a phone jack as a plug for the transmitter end, and this has power as well

You can use two ESP modules with an external antenna for your Transmit & Receiver, and you use your phones OTG functionality to power the Transmitter module.

After that you can host an web server to the ESP, and connect to it to control your peripherals. as an example you can follow article like -

Communication between two esp8266 wifi modules programmed in arduino ide.


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You can use FS1000A RF module transmitter and reciver using the encoder and decoder IC. You do not need any microcontroller since you are completly new to this. This will provide fair 20m of distance, additional output on the reciver side.

However, you can use phone jack as a power plug but use generic antenna for these modules.

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