Getting batteryinformation out of an power bank, need a pro.

Submitted by Kurt on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 02:19


I have a difficult question, for a project we use a powerbank to power our device.

We use the usb out 5V volt as the power but our device also needs to now how much capacity there is still in de battery. 3.7---->3.5.

Is there a posibility to read out this info without having to break open the powerbank and read de + & - from the battery.

Does USB-C sends this information ?


I really hope you can help me out.




You need to calculate the load consumption and the runtime (full charge to 0).

After getting the info, if you have a microcontroller you can easily calculate an approximate mAH. After that, use eeprom feature and store the running time data and calculate how much capacity the power bank has.

You need eeprom, mcu, sesnsing the turned power available status and load current sensing feature.

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