Diode replacement with MOSFET for Reverse Polarity Protection

Submitted by Elangovan on Wed, 09/19/2018 - 18:02

as i know Reverse polarity protection can be done only by using a simple diode, but i have checked few article and found that it is better to use a MOSFET instead of Diode.

Because voltage drop across diode is high. but i have tried the circuit with a general P-Channel MOSFET and after some calculation i found that the voltage drop is not much lower than the voltage across across diode..

i might be wrong, as i dont know how to choose the correct P-channel MOSFET,

of what parameter should be take care of...

Can anyone suggest me a best suitable P-Channel MOSFET for reverse polarity protection?

also, if it is possible with P-channel then i think its also possible with N-channel, what are the benefits of using these different methods...?