Difference Between 8-dip, TO-99 and SOIC package

Submitted by Suryansh on Wed, 08/29/2018 - 13:20

Heyy guys!!!! i was ordering LM308 op-amp IC with 8-dip package, but its is out of stock and now only TO-99 package is available for the same IC but this package is a bit more costly than the 8-dip package(about 3 dollars).

I searched for TO-99 package but i can't find the dimensions or 2D-model for TO-99. A SOIC package is also available, but i think its a SMD type package.

So can anyone suggest for the same?  

Thanks in advance......

Electronic IC's comes in many different packages. But not all IC's can be found in every package, check the datasheet to verify if the manufacturer provides your desired package. The most commonly available one is the PDIP as it is breadboard and Perf board friendly and normally used for prototyping SOIC package is an SMD component.

Normally SMD components are preffered in production stage since the price of a SMD component will be cheaper than a PDIP component of the same part number. Also SMD will occupy less space on the board making the PCB more compact.

I always have this below image in my arsenal so that I can quickly give it a glance when I have confusion with the package type 


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