Contactless IR temperature sensor for Body Temperature scanning - MLX90614 Alternatives

Submitted by Ashutosh on Wed, 06/24/2020 - 22:13

Hey, I hope all you guys are safe during the COVID19 pandemic. As many might have noticed the current situation demands IR temperature screening devices and many hobbyists are doing a great job in building cool screening devices. I also have some ideas to try the major hurdle is with getting the contactless IR temperature sensor, which is no where to be found in local or on online.

One popular sensor that works for this application is the MLX90614 temperature sensor. But it is priced high and also availability is hard, so much hard that even mouser, and Digikey does not have stock them any more . So I created this thread to list and discuss the possible alternatives for MLX90614 and where it could be purchased from. 

PS: I am from India, so if you can point out options that would work here it would be great. 

You can also use MLX90615 if available. As these are in very high demand nowadays, alternativly you can also opt for any thermal cameras for do your job.

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