Connecting AUX input to circuit board

Submitted by Rian on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 06:14

I have an alarm clock that allows you to record your own alarm tone, however, the microphone and speaker were extremely low quality and the alarm would consist of a large amount of static.

In an attempt to improve the audio quality I have cut the cord off a pair of ear-pods and have soldered the wires connecting to the aux plug onto the circuit board where the original microphone connected to. This way the audio is transferred directly from the phone to the alarm clock. 

Despite having a direct connection between the phone and the alarm clock, and having replaced the speaker, the audio quality has gotten worse with most of it coming through as static. 

What could be causing this drop in audio quality and what can I do to improve it?



Problem -

1. Check the battery, if it is unable to deliver current the static issue will be observed due to the condenser microphone.

2. Connecting audio input directly to a microcophone input is not a proper solution, because microphone input lines often provided by a biasing current required for the condenser microphone. If you wan tto connect audio input directly use blocking capacitor.

3. Did you used same specification speaker while changing it?

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