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I'm really am a rookie when it comes to electronics and I'm trying to learn a few things by myself so I'm basically opening stuff and trying to identify all the components and figure out how it works...

So I have this greenhouse side-curtain roll-up motor control box that has this little black square connector hub / splitter / coupler (I don't know what it is called) that I don't know if has any other function than linking cables one to another. I assume somebody here can identify this for me and tell me if could have a special function? :)

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Hi Pierre, Welcome to circuitdigest forums

The black colour box that you are refering to looks like a "Terminal connector".

Terminal connetors are normally used to connect/interface two modules in a system. The purpose of them is to isolate or remove the module out from the system easily during maintanence or service of the sysetm.

For example a controller and a motor will be connected togather through a terminal block, this way when either the motor or the controller requires to be removed from the system for repair/serviing it can be done so easily by just removing the wires from the terminal connector. 

Sometimes terminal connectors are also called as terminal block 


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Terminal connector it is..~!!

But I wonder what so many connectors and wires are doing inside a greenhouse side-curtain roll-up motor control box.

I would be great if Pierre could share more infromation that he knows about the system/ 

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The control has a control panel (not shown in the previous pictures) with two sitches because the 24V motor can either be controlled manually or be the grenhouse environmental controller.

Switch 1 lets you choose between manual mode, off and automatic mode (environmental controller activated).

Switch 2 lets you chose between open and close for manual mode.

I have two different control boxes; one for each side of the greenhouse. The power goes to one box and is linked to the other.

Plus, I haven't figured out yet what the wires are for, but there are wires that come from the environmental controller that are labelled «heating» (well, «chauffage» in French) that go in one of the boxes. One to a switch, and the other one in the beige terminal block at the bottom. That is the weird part of the puzzle to me because I don't understand why the signal coming from the computer has to go in the roll-up control boxes.

If you have any clue, let me know!

Thanks a lot! :)




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