Coil fried levitating globe repair

Submitted by Mark on Wed, 02/24/2021 - 18:34

Hello all, I was attempting to repair a levitating globe from 1987. It uses a hall sensor magnet that has a coil around it. I found one of the leads of the coil had broke. So I re-soldered the lead and when I powered it up I heard a loud humming, good sign I think but then it sparked and smoked. I am guessing I removed too much of the coating and caused a short? I would like to try to make a new coil. And try again. So my questions are do coils /Windings go bad? How do I re-create the destroyed coil? Unfortunately this is a rare levitating globe and no parts exist for it. I am going to 3-D print the ring and I have the wire to create the coil I just don't know how.  Thanks for any advice.