Career related question.

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Career related question.
January 10, 2021 - 4:01pm

I am a recent electronics graduate and I have joined an IT services firm. From my under graduate days I have a strong desire to start my own startup and interests include analog design and embedded systems. I did most of my mini projects after getting inspiration from Circuit Digest. So I feel this is the best platform to ask my question.

Based on my interests mentioned above please suggest me an electronic product idea, which you people feel that it is an industry requirement.

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Electronics industry is one of the costliest industry as it requires several planning, iteration prototype , testing and then manufacturing.

The best idea to help other to build there products. Depending on your skill, you may be a design guy, you may became a company that source components, you may help in production or sell testing as a service. I think this is the best thing which is needed for electronic industry right now.

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