Can we use ADC for current measurement?

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Can we use ADC for current measurement?
September 10, 2018 - 12:11pm

Hi guys,

i have made various projects like digital voltmeter, arduino variable power supply and many other, in which i am sensing voltage value through a microcontroller using ADC..

So, my question is can we use ADC for measuring current...

I have an idea to do the same like first convert the current value into voltage and then sense it... am i correct?

Suggest the better way to do this and also if you have any circuit for changing the current value to voltage value...


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All ADC modules in any microcontroller can measure only voltage. So if you want to measure current you can try any of the following based on your application.

Sensors like ACS712 : These are ready made hall sensor that can convert current value into voltage value. There are many types of sensors and you can select one based on the range you are measuring. These sensors can measure both AC and DC current.


Shunt resistor method: If the value of current you are trying to measure is very small (less than 1A) then you can use the shunt resistor method. In this method we use shunt resistor in the current path and measure the voltage across it using an Op-Amp.


You can refer the links to understand more of what I am speaking