Big Line Follower robot with heavy motor

Submitted by Pefey on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 16:18

Hi I am building a heavy robot that can be used to transport heavy books inside our college library. Basically my plan is to build a bigger version of line follower robot with lines tapped on the library floor. I have already planned the electronics part, but I need some advice on selecting the motor. My requirements are 

1. The motor should operate on DC voltage, I am planning to power my bot with Lead acid battries

2. The motor should provide easy speed control, and good torque to carry a heavy load

3. It should be silent in operation 

I have thought DC motors and BLDC motors might be the choice, but how to select the other specs and how to control it. I am planning to build with Arduino, so I need a motor that has arduino controller 

Please help!

Hi Pefey, You can use BLDC motors and High Torque Stepper motors for this purposes.But Please specify your torque requirement for your application so that we can suggest you the best fit.Thank you

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Thursday at 12:29 PM

Sorry, I am not good with the mechanical calculations. I used a weight scale in my lab and calculated that the total weight of my bot will be 10kg, including books, chassis (wooden chassis), electronics everything ...

Will this data be enough to calculate the torque ?

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Thursday at 04:07 PM

Please provide how much loading capacity you want? What will be the speed of that robot? Did you planned about the wheel diameter?

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Monday at 02:11 PM

I am still confused about the motor that I have to choose. I went through many options and now I cant select one. My status so far

To escape from the mechanical mounting problem I am deciding go with the BLDC hub motor because they come with nice tyres outside which I can fix directly to my bot with some help from my local mechanic. But how can control this BLDC motor with my Arduino. I am familiar with DC motors and how they work, they only have two terminals and I can control their speed by varying the voltage applied to it.

But these motors have three wires and also sensor wires. How can I build a controller and control this motor using arduino ?


Please guide 

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Thursday at 04:07 PM