Automatic 2 second 240v mains interruption using relays - how?

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Automatic 2 second 240v mains interruption using relays - how?
February 9, 2020 - 5:36pm

Hi guys and gals

Absolute beginner here doing a small project at home. I require the following functionality for an aspect of my project:-

Constant power to a device at all times (240v supply) with a momentary button that disconnects the supply circuit for 2 seconds and restores it automatically.

I was thinking a normally closed relay that when triggered, opens, stays open for 2 seconds, then closes again. How can I achieve this?  It needs to be 1 button press with the 2 second hold and then the close happening automatically in a sequence. Not sure if I require 2 relays with delays to achieve this and how I'd wire it up, or wether there's an off the shelf solution? Any help greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Tom, for this you can use a 555 timer circuit along with a relay.When you push the button that activates the 555 timer which will trigger the relay.After a certain time, it will again restored.Hope it helps!!!

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You can also use RC time constant and a transistor to achieve this one.

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Hi Tom Smith! There are various methodologies you can adopt to complete your project. First you can make a RC circuit according to which you can set your required time (i.e., t = R*C) for disconnection. Also, you can use a commonly used IC NE555 by using which you can set the frequency/time in any of its 3 modes. And the smart way for this is you can use a micro-controller by using which you can set a condition for the relay to activate and deactivate the supply connection. You can use any of the above methods.