Circuit Board for Sensors, data retention and automation

Submitted by John Wolf on Thu, 07/06/2017 - 21:02

I am working on a project that will deliver free heat to livestock houses when needed.  I found CircuitDigest just at the right time, can't believe how right this group is for my project.  The concept is Patent Pending and will turn into a paid project for those involved.  The environmental, food, and cost benefits are tremendous.  In the US, this project will qualify for over 100% of the cost in government grants, credits, tax benefits in the first year.   It is for renewable energy and provides benefits to some of the biggest companies in the US and world.  

Are you interested to be involved?

Hi John, your project looks impressive! Its good idea to contact the staff through contact page or send an email to contact at

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Yes John, perhaps you should express this idea via E-mail

or here

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