Smart Value Controller with GSM/GPRS and Android

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Smart Value Controller with GSM/GPRS and Android
January 4, 2019 - 10:16am

Hello everyone,
                    i have hard time figure out which model to follow and what are components as i am not electrical related person. 

below is my requirement,

  • Field has two open well which already inter connected with pipe lines and have separate motor (3hp) to run with 3 phase electrical power
  • I need a centralized system to control the water management for my fields with soil moisture and temperature and water level in the well
  • Once the value is on motor 1 or motor 2 based on input should Power on
  • User need control over which well / motor to use  for field when open the values 
  • Gsm should power to support internet which user can access from android

any suggetion and help are thankful.

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There are so many way in which this could be done.

Since you are a beginners I will propose the easy way. 

The project needs a main control board, sensor boards, and Relay board. The sensor boards have to be placed in the field whic will measure the soil moisture and temperature. The Relay board will be used to turn on or off the 3 Phase motors. The main control board will read the value form sensor board and control the motors using the relay board.

The challenging part will be getting the sensor value form the field to the main control board. If the field is very big running wires might be a bad idea. If it is small you can use communication cables with RS232 protocals or RJ45 protocal. Or if the field is big you can use wireless RF medium like nrf24l01. But make sure you can power them in your field. 

Once the main control gets the values from sensors it can simply trigger the motor using the relay. The information can be sent to the user via Text messages using the GSM SIM900 module. The user would also be able to turn on the motor or change settings by sending SMS. 

Hope this clears yoru mind