quick intro to Vehicle control protocols-CAN, FlexRay, LIN, MOST, UDS

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I am a freshman and have been working as an intern at a local car ECU service providers. Tomorrow I am going to sit for an interview with Nissan and I am preparing hard for it. I am confident with wiring harness sensors and other basic stuff that I have been working on so far. But I know nothing about the communication protocols that are being used in cars, although they are not important for my job profile I would like to know few basic things about them just to boost my confidence level. 

I am listing the protocols below, can someone give a brief intro on them 

  1.  CAN Protocol
  2. Drive Train CAN
  3. Convenience CAN
  4. Flexray
  5. Local Interconnect Network (LIN)
  6. Media Oriented System Transport (MOST)
  7. Unified Diagnostic Service (UDS)

Thanks. It's a simple note to understand CAN protocol.

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which of the following number of flexray nodes in passive star topology is/are generally used

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Great answer!

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