Problem with 16x2 LCD and stm

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Problem with 16x2 LCD and stm
March 25, 2020 - 1:52pm

Hello to all friends.
I'm having problems with the 16x2 lcd in keil compiler.
The program for this purpose is as follows:

LCD_begin8BIT(GPIO_TypeDef* PORT_RS_E, uint16_t RS, uint16_t E, GPIO_TypeDef* PORT_LSBs0to4, uint16_t D0, uint16_t D1, uint16_t D2, uint16_t D3, GPIO_TypeDef* PORT_MSBs4to7, uint16_t D4, uint16_t D5, uint16_t D6, uint16_t D7);

But I don't fully understand these commands.
Help me for example.
thank you