MSP430 lcd display with code composer studio

Submitted by Luna Liu on Fri, 03/19/2021 - 09:31

Hi, I'm using an LCD display for my MSP430 Project, I plan to use a temperature sensor to get the temperature and display it on the LCD display, and when it becomes greater than the threshold, an LED will light up, if, below the threshold, the other LED will light up. However, when I use the code shown in the example, It updates the screen very fast, so I cannot get the LED working, and I was wondering is there a way to get around this? Is it possible to not use a timer interrupt? or get a longer time? Thank you in advance.


The code I took from the tutorial is:

#include "msp430g2553.h"           // Microcontroller specific header file
#include "hd44780.h"                    // HD44780 library
uint8_t value=0;
void main( void )
WDTCTL = (WDTPW | WDTHOLD);                    // Stop watchdog timer
BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ;                              // Set range to calibrated 1MHz
DCOCTL  = CALDCO_1MHZ;             // Set DCO step and modulation for 1MHz
P1DIR = 0xFF;                                    // Set P1.0 (D0) to P1.7 (D7)
P2DIR = (0x01 | 0x02);                      // Set P2.0 (E) and P2.1 (RS) to output
  TA0CCR1  = 32768;                                 // Set CCR1 value for 32.678 ms interrupt
  TA0CCTL1 = CCIE;                                  // Compare interrupt enable
  TA0CTL   = (TASSEL_2 | MC_2 | TACLR);  //SMCLK, Continuous mode
  __bis_SR_register( GIE );                            // Enable global interrupts
  hd44780_clear_screen();                             // Clear display content
  while( 1 )                                                       // Endless loop - main program
    hd44780_write_string( "Circuit Digest!", 1, 1, NO_CR_LF );
    hd44780_output_unsigned_16bit_value( value++, 2, 2, 1, 0 );
// Directive for timer interrupt
#pragma vector = TIMER0_A1_VECTOR
__interrupt void timer_0_a1_isr( void )                     // Timer 0 A1 interrupt service
  switch( TA0IV )                                                        // Determine interrupt source
    case 2:                                                                   // CCR1 caused the interrupt
      hd44780_timer_isr();                                          // Call HD44780 state machine
      break;                                                                        // CCR1 interrupt handling done