Microwave detection circuit verification

Dear all,

I want to develop a circuitry which is able to detect electromagnetic waves(radio-wave , micro-wave).

This circuit will just act as a tamper detect and not physically measure/compute the radiation.

I have designed the circuit using toroid ring and few Schottky diodes.

The calculation formulae's are in the attachment.

Before testing the circuit, I wanted to verify the circuit as well as the calculation part of it.

Please note that the WAVE_SENSE signal in the design is connected to a 10-bit ADC of a Microcontroller.

Anyone related, Please help me achieve this task.

Thanks in advance

Wave_detector_Screenshot 2021-04-30 122841.png


Formula_page1_2021-04-30 144736.png

Formula_page2_ 2021-04-30 144836.png

Did you made any spice simulation of the same?

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Monday at 02:11 PM

Not yet.

But the calculation part seems ok right?


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Friday at 11:55 AM