How to view output as Binary on Tera Term?

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How to view output as Binary on Tera Term?
August 21, 2018 - 1:48pm

Hi I am using Tera Term to Debug my program. So I have Interfaced my Microcontroller with my laptop and have programed my MCU to output data thorough Serial (USART) at 9600 baud rate. 

To test the set-up I sent the hex value 0X6E at a n interval of sec and I received the character "n" on my Tera Term software. I understand that n is the equivalent char value of 0x6E but I need the software to display binary value instead of char value.

For instance I should get the binary value 01101110 in my screen for the hex value 0x6E. 

How can change the settings to make the Tera Term display values in binaries 

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The easiest way to view binary data in Tera Term is to put it in Debug mode. It can be done by pressing Ctrl+Esc on your window 

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Hi Violet,

Thanks for your tip, I tried the Debug mode and was able to see the binary values on tera term. But its kind of annoying to shift to debug mode every time and the debug windows looks a bit messed up on terra term.

So, is there any best alternative for Tera Term which I can use to view output on binary format ?

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I am not sure which operating system you are using, but if you are using windows there are lots of options available. The best one that I have com across is "Serial Port Monitor by Eltima". It can show you the data in binary, ASCII, Hex, Decimal and Char format, also can log the data so that we can analyze it in future. But it is not free and has limited trial pack.

If you are trying for a free software then check out "SerialMon" it is capable of displaying the incoming data in Binary format  

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For Windows-10 anyhow, I had to press Shift+Escape key sequence to toggle mode. 
However, it is the best just to reconfigure the Setup.INI file to keep it in that mode if you want to reopen TeraTerm application into the mode already. 

Excerpt from there:

; Display all characters (debug mode)
; Debug mode type which can be selected by user.
;   on|all   = All types
;   off|none = Disabled debug mode
;   normal   = usual teraterm debug mode
;   hex      = hex output
;   noout    = disable output completely


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Edit the Setup.ini file