How to interface LCD with ELB-REV4?

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How to interface LCD with ELB-REV4?
June 12, 2019 - 1:10pm

Can any one suggest which LCD should i use with ELB-REV4?

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ELB-REV4 Embedded computer tech specs
June 13, 2019 - 12:21pm

The ELB-REV4 seems to be a new embedded computer developmed specially for SCADA applications by a company called SSLA from germany. The development board seems tobe relatively new and hence cannot find many supporting detials in web. However a qucik google shows that this board is very similar to Raspberry Pi (both uses Linux) so with the minimum tech data provided by the compnay it should be possible to get things running on this board. 

You can find the datasheet of the ELB-REV4 here:

This is currently the only source of tech specs as much as I could see. Regarding the LCD connection its pretty obvious that the board will support all types of LCD displays. Which one are speaking about? The module itself has a connector for LCD shown in the datasheet linked above, but I was not able to find more detials. Also the module lacks a HDMI port so I wonder if touch screen and other normal TFT LCDs will be supported. 

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yes you can interface LCD with ELB-REV4
June 13, 2019 - 4:28pm

Yes you can interface any LCD display to the ELB-REV4 it can be either a 24 bit RGB interface or a HDMI interface.

the source code for LCD drivers is already built in so just plug and play thats all