ELB-REV4 interfaced with camera module

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ELB-REV4 interfaced with camera module
June 6, 2019 - 12:08am

Hello guys

I am looking for a ethernet based camera interface. So that i can use it with ELB-REV4 to capture surveillance camera data on SSD memory.

we are not looking for PoE camera modules as it wont serve the purpose for us.


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I am new to ELB-REV4 but I can sure comment on Ethernet Camera. With a quick google I found that ELB-REV4 can support IP cameras but why do you want to go the wired way. For some obvious reason if you prefer to stick with wires way then you have to consider the following

1. Are you powering the Camera with the Ethernet cable? If yes things will become complex. You have to make sure ELB-REV4 supports PoE and probably use a boost convert on processor end to power the camera based on the length of the cable

2. If you are powring the camera with a separate power source, then you can prety much use any security camera that are easily available.