component creation for NRF24L01 ... module..

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component creation for NRF24L01 ... module..
March 9, 2019 - 1:44pm

Hello folks... I would like to ask for someone to help me create what is called a "component" .. it's a little practical 'software gadget'... that is then kept in a library of instances along with other devices, and modules..

So as far as I can see, all the components, call them software loops, or downloadable softwares, from GITHUB etc etc.. all ONLY CATER for one... PIPE ADDRESS in the actual device..

So when you use it... whether it be with Arduino, or PIC .. it only allows for one PIPE ADDRESS to be used... The NRF24L01... actually has 6 such PIPE ADDRESSES... which then allows one to setup a network, of NRF24L01's... with then... 6 TX modules... so one can have a jolly fine closed communication system..

I have a program called FLOWCODE.. which has just such a component in it already, but, it of course only allows the use of only one of the PIPE ADDRESSES...

I have written to a director of that company.. that writes FLOWCODE.. and he simply replied, that "his engineers are far too busy to do a proper job".... (I have that email if you want to read it).


Anyway - what I would like to know please... if anyone reading this communication, would like to help me by creating a proper component for the FLOWCODE program. I would "borrow" you the FLOWCODE program.. so that you can learn to use it, understand it... and then create the FULL HOUSE component for the NRF24L01 device.

So please folks... if anyone is interested... please PM... me... or contact me on my whatsapp / telegram / other means... by +27 71 743 4842... in South Africa..

I await any replies...

My Kindest Regards


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What you are trying to ask is for a simulation tool for the NRF24L01 RF component, so that you can simulate all your MCU codes with it to work with all 6 Pipelines without having to use 6 different hardware modules. I am sure there are no such simulation tool that is already available since I have also searched for it sometime back.

It is also not suprising that the manufacturer declined to give you any such tool because it happens all times. The fastest way for you from here is to actually try it with the hardware itself just like I did. But if you are very determined in getting the tool Iwish you luck in finding the right guy, Also please keep me updated on your findings