Submitted by Siije on Wed, 02/22/2017 - 17:54

Dear sir
i have a PCB board of an amp with ic :CD2399GP which is amp with 5 controller, 1.master, 2.treble,3.basse,4.mic vol and 5.Mic Echo.
since the knowledge is zero in this but have a very keen interest, i have mention you the basic parts of the PCB to inform you, its a 12 v amp, as per my best knowledge its working fine as i give power then led lit green, but im not able to find the speaker output.... like two wires to connect to speaker.. i used to sing and play guitar with this amp but unfortunately the other part of the board which has aux and input for music play and power supply broke.. will you please help me to get the speaker out and power supply.... so i can jam once again...  please send me your email id so i can send you the pic of the board.
Regards Siije