Technomate TM-TWIN-OE burned IC SD4841P 67k65yw3j0fz , equivalent IC required

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Technomate TM-TWIN-OE burned IC SD4841P 67k65yw3j0fz , equivalent IC required
January 21, 2020 - 12:22am

Hi everyone.

Few weeks ago I had a power cut for all the building  and my satellite receiver got broken. The device display does not work, but the HDD it can be heard that it spinning.The image on TV got the boot image frozen.

I opened the lid and I found the burned IC: SD4841P  67k65yw3j0fz which is visible burned.

U3 burned.jpg

I would like to know what equivalent can be installed since the SD4841P is a bit difficult to find it to local IC store vendors or it takes 2-3 weeks to get it from abroad.

For example if  can be TOP221-227  ,  TNY264/266-268,  TNY274-280P/G    and if yes, from the given range which exactly and why.

Also what can be done to avoid to happen such circumstances.

Thanks in advance

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Tny not gonna work
January 23, 2020 - 9:35am

Each driver ic works on specific configuration such as frequency, transformer windings and other related feedback Circuit.

The ic, which is burned works in 65Khz frequency and 1:1 p:s transformer winding. The pinout is also different than the mentioned power integration ics.

This, it is not possible to use other ics.

You can purchase the ic from alibaba or other Chinese sources. Do not use other ics since it will be dengarous.

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component "B" TSFM 10100 10C
March 11, 2020 - 2:44am

Hi guys.
Good news, the IC SD4841P was replaced on the mother power supply board.
Bad news, when I unscrewed the power supply board, I saw other burned area, as you can see in the pic I send in this email.
The worse scenario, I have searched in Google “B TSFM 10100 10C” and …nothing comparing with the other burned IC SD4841P that I have found suppliers on Ebay. So I do not know what component to search.
That area it belongs to the D3 , on the component is wrote: B TSFM 10100 10C as you can see in the pic attached.

Diagnosis: I have picture on the TV, the “OPENPLI”, but in the receiver, the display does not work, the remote control does not work, the buttons in the front panel does not work.
I have to power off from the back side of the device( the I/0 button).
I can hear the Hard Disk Drive(HDD) spinning , and also the fan.

So basically I do not know the component type to search it , I do not know the manufacturer, the "B" letter printed on the component is not helping a lot in this situation....
So I hope with all my heart someone knows.
Waiting your reply, anything could be helpful.
Thanks in advance.D3.jpg2.jpgB TSFM 10100 10C.jpg1.jpg