difference between CP2102 and PL2303

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I need a UART to USB converter to communicate from my microcontroller to my PC and vise versa. I see two popular IC choices for this, one is the PL2303 and other is CP2102. Can you help me identify the key difference between and which one I should choose for my application?

I am using an 8-bit microcontroller operating on 3.3V and my baud rate is 9600. The Tx and Rx pin on MCU is only 3.3V compatible so I need the converter to handle 3.3V 

They are both the same in terms of your specific use case. both are USB to UART converters, 
I will suggest why not use the CH340G USB to UART converter its cheap, its easy to get, and it works like a charm.


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Thank you das CH340G looks like a good alternative....but will it work with 3.3V logic level ? have you check it for any of your application? 

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Yes it absolutely works with 3.3V logic level, and I use it all the time. It also has all the control pins which is which are required to flash an ESP.

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CP2102 is far more advanced having control pins like DTR and all. Where as you would not get such in PL2303.

If you need just the UART operation, go for the PL2303, otherwise CP2102 can be used in more controlled UART opearations.

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The current favourite is the cp2102 as they tend to have extra pins like DTR etc. pl2303 you don't tend to see much anymore, they're mainly in the old rs232-to-usb adaptors. ch340 are generally onboard arduino clones, no problems with them either.

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