What is the temperature range of OP97 precision op-amp?

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What is the temperature range of OP97 precision op-amp?
October 20, 2021 - 8:09am

This is an application circuit of op97. The OP97 is a low-power alternative to the industry-standard precision op-amp, the OP07. The OP97 can be substituted directly into OP07, OP77, AD725, and PM1012 sockets with improved performance and/or less power dissipation and can be inserted into sockets conforming to the 741 pinouts if nulling circuitry is not used. Generally, nulling circuitry used with earlier generation amplifiers is rendered superfluous by the extremely low offset voltage of the OP97 and can be removed without compromising circuit performance.

What confused me that is the range of temperature? Should the resistor be balanced?







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What is your application? Please check the datasheet it is having the temparature range?

It is for battery powered application and has bias current compensation. I dont see any help from using a balanced source resistor. Dont offset the drift it may became unstable.