Trying to identify these components

Submitted by Dion on Sat, 08/28/2021 - 13:23

Hello all, I am new here and not good with electronics and have been trying to identify the three components with the numbered red arrows (1,2&3) as well as their values. 

1) ? (It says 998AMF-101 10506)

2) Through hole resistor 22R 1W 5%

3) ?

Please correct me if I am wrong and appreciate your guidance with number 1 & 3. Hope to get a reply. 

Thank you!



1. Audio amplifier or digital audio related coil inductor. Fully shilded for noise reduction. 1uH. Not sure about the current rating. Check with the part number - 998AMF-101.

2. Seems right. Not sure about the wattage from looking at picture only.
3. 1.0uF box capacitor. Series - MK. Voltage - 100V. F denotes low esr may be. Its non polarized.

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