Tablet Display to reuse

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Tablet Display to reuse
March 22, 2020 - 5:03am

I have an old tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM - T211)

It is almost dead - it can display only first screen of regular mode (with its model name) or two screens of download mode (Continue/Reboot and Downloading) and in any situation I can't see anything else. Also no communication with Odin/Heimdall, so I cannot upload any (official or not) build to restore the tablet.

To be honest - it isn't worth of long fight for life.

But - the tablet has pretty fine display. It will be nice to use it - with digitzer or not - in some DYI project, driven by Raspberry or Arduino (although Arduino may be not enough to handle such screen, but maybe, if the screen uses i2c - why not? ).

Does any one have such experience? Is there some documentation? How to work with it? I guess, that LCD itself and digitizer are two separate cases?


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Find out the part number and check whether the datasheet is available or not.

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you could tether it to a tablet and sideload the Google Play store app on it, then download whatever apps will run on it. If you search the model number and the word “root” on Google, you should be able to find how to root the device, then you can install whatever you want on it, including a new Android ROM.
The usefulness of the device will still be limited.
Surf websites. Read eBooks. It will probably play some very simple games, but nothing that takes a lot of memory or processing power. Maybe install a remote camera app on it,