[SOLVED] 2V 0 12V 110V Transformer

Submitted by Greg on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 12:17

I am trying to find a replacement transformer but the 2V is not being nice for my search. It is a center tapped transformer with 110AC input voltage. I find lots of 12V 0 12V transformers but no 2V. I cannot test the transformer as it is not working correctly. This transformer powers a Magnetic Stirrer unit with a heater. If I solder on a temporary 12v power supply the magnets will spin and the heater works as well. I am hoping the 2V is just a typo or means the same as 2X so both legs are 12V. There are not other identifying marks on the transformer other than 2V 0 12V on the top line and 110V below that. I do not want to put the wrong replacement transformer in so hopefully someone can help clarify this for me.

Hi Gerg, Welcome to circuitdigest Forums.

Yes you guessed it right!!.. It is a typo.

There is nothing like a 2 0 12 center tapped transformer it should be 12 0 12 Transformer. As the name suggests a Centre tapped transformer will have an additional wire tapped at the Centre of  the secondary wire which makes it to have equal voltage on both side. So a centre tapped transformer will always be like 9 0 9 or 12 0 12 or 15 0 15 likewise.

Also there is no reason for someone to use 2V AC in Strirrer so worry not and replace it with a 12 0 12 transformer as you did earlier and all should be fine. Just in case if you are still skeptical and if you have a lot of time you can break open the old transformer and check how it is winded it should have equal number of turns form the middle wire to both the sides.

Hope this helps. 

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Tuesday at 03:45 PM

It should be a typing mistake, there is no transformer like that. Go with 12V 0V 12V transformer that should be the one. 

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Saturday at 01:52 PM

Thank you for clearing that up for me and reinforcing my assumption. I learned a lot about transformers doing my searching and watched numerous videos, some better than others, so I cannot complain about the education. I will go ahead and order the 2 amp 12V 0 12V that I thought would be the correct one.

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Monday at 12:06 PM