Multi function switch

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Multi function switch
April 21, 2020 - 11:08pm

Good evening everybody

I am new here and I am just getting into electronics. I have always had an interest but now decided to start playing around and learning more.
I have a question regarding a type of switch.
I am planning on making a simple circuit containing 3 different Leds. Each a different colour. I wanted a switch that I could press which will allow me to cycle through the leds and illuminate the one I desire.

Is there a push button that can do this? I know of the toggle switches but I specifically wanted a push button on this.
This will be a manually controlled circuit so I won't be using anything like 555 timers for automation.

Very simple circuit. Sorry for the stupid question.


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For that purpose, you can use a multi-state switch commonly known by electronics store as multi-selector switch having 12 states/levels, used in analog multi-meters. You just need to provide power to one of its common pin (3 common pins, one for 4) and after that you can use 4 pins for controlling your LEDs or other loads, you wants to attach with it. I would like to recommend you to get connect with the Sierra Software Ltd. platform technical support team for getting better assistance regarding your queries and project online support.