help about the simulation project interfacing PIC16F877A with esp8266

Submitted by Jean Marck on Fri, 09/08/2017 - 11:33

when I run the simulation nothing happens on the virtual me please

I tried with the simple usart program, it works very well

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Friday at 11:14 AM

Hi Jean,


If the USART prgram is working then the problem should be with how you compiled the pogram. Did you make any changes to the code before actually compiling it?

Maybe I could share the hex file to corss check the same,if at all it might help!

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM

i am facing the same problem as well. instead of AT the virtual terminal display Ÿ. Never change the code, baudrate is set as 9600 in virtual terminal, crystal frequency of external Crystal and MCU both are set as 20Mhz. can you send the hex file ? 

tq :)

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Tuesday at 09:38 AM

tested but still unknown character displayed instead of AT. can you share the proteus file as well ? 

im planning to use an esp8266 (master) to start 4 pic timers interfacing with an esp8266 (slave) each at the same time wirelessly. may i know if esp8266 is capable of doing this task ?

appreciate your guidance ! 


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Tuesday at 09:38 AM

hi, i have tried your project on proteus and it worked already. but when i build it it doesnt work, baudrate is 115200. i read articles saying that you need ot flash your esp8266 first to go into programming mode. do i need to do that? or i just connect and it should work already?

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Saturday at 05:22 PM

Yes LYE,

Before you can interface PIC with ESP8266, you should make sure your ESP is functioning properly. You can check that by using it in simple AT command mode.

If the AT mode is working properly then you wont have to flash it. Else flashing is required

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Thursday at 12:15 PM