Cell phone Signals --> LED

Building a simple circuit to pick up 3G and 4G cell phone signals and trigger LED's


This is not about gettting the INFORMATION of the signal, simply showing when there is a phone or phones reciving or sending texts and calls

I dont need a buzzer - just the LED part. any suggestions, what i have tried so far is not working.




That circuit should have worked for you purpose. You can simply remove the buzzer if you do not need the sound. 

This circuit is very much sensitive with the values of components. So make sure you have used the right values of capacitors and resistors. What problem are you getting?

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Tuesday at 12:29 AM

Well I am waiting on one or two pieces. However, I think that the radio frequency used in this video, is not as high as they are in North america. Do you know how they got the value of the resistors? 

How can I adjust the parts to be suited for 1900-2200 Mhz?



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Thursday at 07:04 AM

Thats wonderful!

How do I adjust the capacitors in relation to the resistors? Is there a formula or general rule? 


I really apprecitate your help!  

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Thursday at 07:04 AM