car parking sensor


im doing my GCSE this year in electronics and we have to design a circuit and build it for our coursework.
i have decided to do a parking sensor.
i have made a circuit diagram(which im not sure is right) and started building.
i dont think my circuit is right.
please can you help me in anyway.

Hi alex,

How is you project going?

Share your circuit with us so that we can help you build it!! 

Are you planning a uC in your project?


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Tuesday at 12:29 AM

hi B.Aswinth Raj do you have an email address i can email to?

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Monday at 10:47 PM

junaid shahid


Hey Alex,

Dear it is quite easy, you can use 1 photo sensor and 2 bulbs one green and other one red, just for prototype. The sensor is installed on the ground and the bulbs on the ceiling level. Supposed when the Car is parked, then the sensor became below the car and sensor give signals to the circuit, supposed first the green bulb is light up but when sensor give signals than green bulb is light down and red start light up's and your parking system is designed.  

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