Schematics for TDA8588BJ

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Schematics for TDA8588BJ
November 29, 2019 - 6:35pm

Could anyone draw for me the simplest basic schematics for the IC TDA8588BJ, because teh one in the datasheet is quite complex for my electronics knowledge, and includes all the connections of the circuit throughout the entire board, to the microcontroller, cd-player, radio, stand-by function, so on. I only need to build a simple amplifier to put into a stereo signal from my smartphone, and to get 4 outputs for car speakers. That's it. 


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Hey why did you select TDA8588BJ? It is not beginner friendly and there is nothing like a simple circuit for that. May be you should consider using a less complicated IC like the TIP35C. It requires only a capacitor and resistor additional to the IC and you amplifier is ready