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Hi.  I have several dogs that we let run on our 10 acre property.  I would like to make a harness with a module containing a GPS and method to store the output  for the GPS on a SD card.  I would then be able to download the date from the GPS stored on the SD card to my computer to analyze where they have been hanging out. 

Does anyone know how to do this.  It needs to be rugged and small. It should also run a long time on small batteries.



I should be fairly simple, just use an easy to use development platform like Arduino and interface it with a GPS module and a SD card module. You will get the value of longitude and latitude from GPS which can be saved in SD at specific intervals.

Easily said there are some difficulties.

  • GPS modules like GSM900 are bit bulky, so you have not choice other than to build your own PCB
  • It will not be very accurate, however for a 10 acre property it will do justice.
  • The circuitry along with the battery might get a bit heavy for your dog.

You can also look at some readily available devices for the same purpose 

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