Ground and Vcc planes with SMD components?

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Ground and Vcc planes with SMD components?
November 1, 2019 - 12:40pm

Hi all. I'm decently familiar with PCB design however I'm only used to tht components, where the pins of a component contact all layers. My question is that, how would I/what it the best way to interface a pad of an SMD component with a plane that isn't on the same layer? So far I'm almost ready to order my first SMD pcb and I've solved said problem by just connecting a trace on the top layer with a via to the bottom Vcc plane. I mean, it seems pretty obvious this is the way to do it but are there any other factors to take into consideration or alternate methods?

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Hi normally when you design a PCB vias should be avoided where ever possible. But when you are designing a multilayer PCB that has only SMD components then you have no choice.

But if your board has both SMD and THT components then you can try to connect all the connections between the SMD and THT components this way you can use the THT component to connect to other layers. This is just a personal tip that I use 

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Placing vias in the pad is another way to directly connect rhe pad into other layer.
If the pad carry high current make sure to make a larger drill via, or to place multiple via at the same place.