Circuit diagram for metal detector using Transistor

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Circuit diagram for metal detector using Transistor
September 5, 2018 - 7:23pm

Can i get a Circuit diagram of metal detector using transistor

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Hi Rahul,

A Metal Detector requires a air cored inductor. The simplest and quickest way to build a metal detector is by using a 555 Timer. You can find the circuit diagram and explanation here

Once you understand the circuit you can also use a transistor in place of 555 if you do not need the beeping sound 

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Surprising enough I found many metal detector circuits that work only with a help of a single transistor like the once shown below


This circuit uses a single BC547 NPN transistor. The circuit is claimed to be tested, but the difficult part in building this circuit is with winding the tapped coil. If you looking for a simple easy to build circuit you can also try the circuit given by aswinth.

Do note that these circuits are not foolproof, if you serious into building a good metal detector then this below link will be very useful