Charging Battery via solar panel to power a push action solenoid

Submitted by M3D0 on Thu, 10/08/2020 - 17:43

This is my first project ever, I'm running into some problems with the power supply stage, I hope you could help! I want to power a solenoid (12v/2A), which will get its voltage from a battery (12V/3000mAh) connected to a Solar Panel (12V/430mA – 5.2Watt). I would really appreciate it if you could show me a schematic design to this simple circuit. To sum my idea up  [solar panel >> battery>> solenoid]. Thanks in advance!


Components used:

Solar panel: Mini Solar Panel 12V/430mA – 5.2Watt

Solenoid: JF-0826B Push Action Type Electric Linear Solenoid 12Vdc

Battery: Lithium-ion Super Rechargeable Battery Pack (12V, 3000mAh)

If your battery pack came with a built in BMS(Battery Management System), you can directly connect the solar panel with the battery, if you can provide an image that would be great, you can use the IMCE button for that.

What is the purpose of the solenoid? if you just want to turn it on connect it to the battery and it will turn on.

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The Solenoid is 24V 2A rated. Use a boost converter from the battery.

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I have the same solar panel kit. Now I can use solar energy in my house and also that enough for the heat pool. 

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