change potentiometer threshold

Submitted by jeff on Fri, 10/16/2020 - 11:17

I have a potentiometer that starts at 6k ohms then sweeps up to 10k ohms, I am needing it to control a motorized actuator that uses a 0 ohm to 10k ohm potentiometer, the actuator uses a comparator circuit where the actuator position is controlled relative to the position of the potentiometer, I cannot just replace the 6-10k ohm potentiometer because it is a special style, almost like a tube, and is attached to a board with components in the center of it, is there a device available or circuit that could be built to accommodate this? if not a solution for that, is there a circuit or device available that would allow me to control a servo position with a 6-10k ohm potentiometer that I could then physically mount the 0-10k ohm potentiometer to the servo so the servo would spin it? any input is much appreciated thanks!

so basically a circuit that when 6k ohms is appliedto the input, the output would read 0 ohms, then all the way to an input of 10k ohms were the output would be 10k ohms.

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Can you provide an image of the existing potentiometer and the arrangement of the whole circuit?

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