setting resolution of Raspberry Pi

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setting resolution of Raspberry Pi
July 19, 2019 - 6:15pm

Hi while trying to access the raspberry pi from the VNC viewer, i see a small screen for raspberyr pi with not so clear icons.  But when i connect any HDMI desktop screen to Raspberry pi and access it from the VNC Viewer, i get a good screen with clear icons and perfect fit display. How to maintain the screen clarity of the pi in vnc without connecting the desktop. 


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this is because the raspberry pi chooses best resoltuon when any display device is connected. This is the problem of resolution. just change the resolution of the raspberry pi. go to configuration page and change the resolution. the pi will reboot and the resolution will reset after reboot.

To change follow below instruction:

> Type "sudo raspi-config" in terminal> Go to "Advanced Option" >choose "Resolution" > just set your resolution compatible with your  desktop screen.

if prompted then select yes to reboot.