Request To Make A Project On Obstacle Avoidance Drone

Good Evening Sir,

I am a regular visitor of your website, and firstly thanks to you and your team for providing this free facilities.

Your website ignited my mind toward Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I would like to take the opportunity to request you to make a tutorial on OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE DRONE. Till now I have not got any satisfactory tutorial or video of the same over internet. Please make use of cheap hardwares like Ardupilot Flight Controller, Arduino Mega for controlling Ultrasonic Sensor etc. For Controller i request to use FlySky FSi6 Transmiter and Receiver. You have better idea about the best hardware to use. So, I wish you will soon provide a tutorial on the above concern. 

Thank You.

Even I wanna build my own drone but it really is expensive especially the motors and the battrey. If there is a cheap way it would be great. Also using a Pi and Cam and on the drone will open doors to many fun projects.


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Monday at 04:18 PM