A relayswitch to replace a reedswitch?

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A relayswitch to replace a reedswitch?
November 6, 2019 - 8:09pm

Hello all,

A bit of a noob question, but Its hard to search for a solution if you dont know what to search for. ;)

I have an arduino mega, and a door sensor circuit that id like to modify so it can be triggered by the arduino.
So what I presume needs to happen, is removing the reedswitch in the sensor, and replacing it by.. something.

Does anyone know how to hook up an arduino to a switch that can open/close another circuit?

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I am not sure how exactly your door sensor is working, but if you want to replace the reedswitch with "something" that can be controlled by the Arduino then Relay or transistor is your answer.  

I assume that you want to trigger (on/off) the door sensor by using Arduino instead of the sensor present on the door sensor itself. The reed switch will have two connections, so remove the reed switch from its position and short the two wires you should notice the door sensor getting triggered. Now all you need is to use the relay to short these two wires instead of you doing it manually.

Get a relay module and learn how to interface it with Arduino, then connect the two terminals of reed switch with C and NO terminal of replay and you are all set