Please advise me on this circuit - Arduino ignition

Hi, I have been trying to get an Arduino to fire a spark plug so that I can then move onto writing the code for my ignition system.  I have actually been on this for sometime and because of my lack of electronics knowledge I feel I am up against a brick wall and I would really appreciate some kind advice.

I have read this article and I am trying to reproduce what has been done here.…

Where I am struggling is understanding the circuit diagram I think because I cannot get my setup to work.

This is the wiring diagram I am trying to match.

singola-candela-darlington (1).png

This is the transistor I have.



Base, Emitter and Collector are not marked on the transistor but by doing some research I understood it to be as follows.


I have also annotated the wiring diagram from the website to how I understand it, which I accept is wrong but I don't know where.

singola-candela-darlington (2).jpg


I'm sorry for my lack of understanding, I would so much appreciate some help from someone with more knowledge than me.

I think I have given all the information here, if not please ask for what is missing.

Thanks, Daniel.



Thanks, Daniel

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