Need help in Obstacle Avoiding Robot

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Need help in Obstacle Avoiding Robot
July 29, 2019 - 6:28pm

hey. i was following your project 

everything i have done by following each and every step but still i am having some problem with the running the project. Actually the project is misbehaving. 

Sometimes it works a bit fine but some time it goes to random direction. also some times the one motor works and other dont and vice versa. i have checked the connections too but still it is not happening. 

can someone tell me what is the problem. i have used same components as you guys have used. and code is also correct. 

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check power supply
July 29, 2019 - 6:35pm

hi. i may not guess anything without looking at the project image or every wiring. but still i will give you one suggestion to look for power. my reason behind saying to check power is because you mentioned sometime it behaves random and one of the motor doesnt work sometime. Even, i was having a similar problem when i used a lower rated power supply than required. 
i would suggest to check for the current consumption of the circuit. also do check if your power supply is able to provide enough current your project need. 
i really feel that this is a power issue. it is possible that your power supply is not providing enough current. so please try to change the power supply and try to use higher current rated power supply such as atleast 1A or 2A. 
do let me know if solves this problem.