Can anyone help me with this project https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/build-an-ivr-system-… ? I want to buy the hardwares to build it but after i watch the video, read the article and pictures i am not sure that the information is 100% clear

- How i connect the TTL to gsm module ? I see that the schema use some color cable but in the project it s other colors. Also it s not visibile because of the band protection. Also the TTL has 6 pins and i see 4 cables. - https://www.emag.ro/modul-cp2102-usb-catre-ttl-cl414/pd/D2M4XVBBM/

- Also the position of the GSM module in the schema is diffrent that the own is build. I see some cables connec in the perf.

- On the perf board is a paper but it s not visible. What info is on it ?

Thank you very much if someone can help me.